skelegorg : about

hey, welcome to my site.

my name is andrew, but i go by skelegorg online.

this site is more or less a dumping ground. it will probably go through more than a few silences but i don't plan to abandon it.

i do some programming, less nowadays than before, but whenever i get the chance to code something for a project i'll take it. my favorite language is c, really only for how i feel writing it, but python is often just faster to put down. i've gotten more into hardware recently. hardware hacking fascinates me and i'd love to make more sense of it and do some of my own.
i have non-digital interests too, i like to draw and read. i enjoy collecting stationary and being too nervous to write on it. i enjoy using a rotring 600 0.5mm pencil and i am trying not to fall down the rabbit hole of fountain pens.

if for some reason you'd like to reach me you can email me at skelegorg [at] protonmail [dot] com

i have a github which a few of my projects are hosted on until i get around to making a public git server on this domain. all of the actual development stays on a raspberry pi sitting in the corner of my house with a cactus sticker on the case. i don't push much to github.

my computer is a thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9 which runs void gnu/linux + i3wm. i spent a while distro hopping and i didn't really land on void for particular reason. i don't care a lot about on-disk bloat and systemd doesn't particularly bother me, although i cannot deny runit is pretty clean. sometimes i forget the directories the symlinks belong in, though. sometimes i miss the bigger package repository that came with arch. in the end, as long as i can configure it however i want, i don't particularly care. if it works, it works.

i also have a thinkpad t470 which runs gentoo. i love the keyboard on it so sometimes i'll just choose it for a tactile change of pace.