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hey, welcome to my site! i post a random assortment of thoughts and projects and drawings and things here periodically. i finally got around to visually overhauling it and added some color. enjoy!

everything evolves into crabs

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linux now! vaporwaverror piracy now! absolutely zero cookies cool looking cool looking gary larson wooo benis disconscious eat your veggies dr pepper
  • 1/26/23 - updated my volumetric display page with 'developments'. one day i swear i'll finish the project. also changed some wording on the about page.
  • 1/18/23 - new post about editors, updated the interpreter post, super brief change to about page
  • 1/1/23 - new post about writing a language interpreter, reversed order of media, updated "this site" and the volumetric display project pages. happy new year!
  • 12/31/22 - im not dead, solid redesign in time for new years!
  • 11/28/22 - updated volumetric display page
  • 11/21/22 - added volumetric display project page
  • 11/12/22 - fixed tim (now rubbishbin)'s website link, updated my laptop's description in about, added some pictures
  • 10/26/22 - added a bunch of pictures to media. happy fall coming up!
  • 10/18/22 - published a new PR - SerenityOS. made a page for tracking contributions.
  • 10/07/22 - added a new post where i made a tcp file transfer program with c
  • 9/27/22 - added media page, check it out!
  • 9/26/22 - added status box and buttons!
  • 9/25/22 - updated links page, will start updating site more frequently now
  • 9/13/22 - site went up for the first time