this post is in memorium of a pencil that is very special to me. this is the first time i have successfully used a wooden pencil down to an unusable length. at least where i have lived and seen, wooden pencils have taken a back seat to other erasable mediums, whether that is a mechanical pencil or (more recently) erasable pens (which are the most useless invention of all time, by the way), even in some areas that i really didn't expect. i see a lot of people drawing with mechanical pencils, which really surprises me, but that's for a different post.
i have always had an interest in stationary and nice writing utensils, but it was only a few months ago when i got a nice wooden pencil. i saw a bunch of blackwing pencils in one of my local stationary stores and got one instinctively. i didn't use it that often until recently, though, because i had also gotten a rotring drafting pencil which was absorbing most of my attention. recently, i started using it and found it really pleasant. it's a different feel from the heavier metal pencil bodies that i've been using, and it's a welcome change. i've gotten another blackwing of a different lead weight to try it out, and as it's going right now i might try to find a box of these for christmas.

in a lot of things, i'm pretty minimalist, but when it comes to stationary i care a lot for some reason. i'll take this post as an opportunity to talk more about stationary.

paper all of my notebooks (hobonichi planner included) that i use seriously are a6 sized. this is by far my favorite paper size and it works well with my tiny handwriting. also really convenient to carry around.

pencils/pens i've been trying to use fun pens and pencils since as long as i can remember. i'm just going to run through a short list of some of my current writing tools and what i think of them.