skelegorg : about

hey, welcome to my site.

my name is andrew, but i go by skelegorg online.

this site is more or less a dumping ground. it will probably go through more than a few silences but i don't plan to abandon it.

i finally got around to overhauling the site visually (1/1/23), turning it from a white page with left-aligned text into something that looks okay. as i say in my 'this site' project post, if you hate it, email me and it will probably accelerate the inevitable redesign.

my interests are very much digital, for better or worse. i'm usually working on a programming project of some sort, usually to replace something i don't like. i used to code just for the sake of typing colorful text but as i've become a bit busier and taken on bigger projects i apply those skills more practically. c is my favorite language, but python is often just faster. to prepare for a potential future project i am teaching myself x86_64 assembly, despite it not being the flavor of assembly i will have to use in said project. i don't want to jump into it with zero assembly knowledge, however.

i have real life interests too - i like to draw, some of my drawings might end up on here eventually. i try to read, but it's never the first thing on my mind. right now i'm working on "cryptonomicon" by neal stephenson which i am enjoying. i also have been cultivating interest in hardware and am messing with some physical projects in my spare time. i have a cute dog and go to school.

i can't be found on social media anymore. sorry. even if i was, i wouldn't post it here. if for some reason you'd like to reach me you can email me at skelegorg [at] protonmail [dot] com

i have a github which a few of my projects are hosted on until i get around to making a public git server on this domain. all of the actual development stays on a raspberry pi sitting in the corner of my house with a cactus sticker on the case. i don't push much to github.

my computer is a thinkpad x1 carbon gen 8 or something which runs void gnu/linux + i3wm. i attempted to set up gentoo and was foiled by my touchpad, which would not respond to any of my desparate attempts to use it. it stumped my gentoo-using-friend sckzor too and i really needed my computer back up and running so i turned back to void. one day i will get it working, probably when my computer bricks for whatever reason and i buy a thinkpad t440p.

if you're still reading, thanks for sticking around. here's one of my drawings. hope you like it