there are so many things about windows that bother me but i recently found one that is more laughable than the rest. i was helping someone fix their laptop's sleep settings. this user has windows 11 on their machine. i went to settings, into power, and set "sleep while plugged" in to "never", and this pops up.

this actually boiled my blood. for microsoft to chastise its users for increasing their carbon footprint by, of all things, changing their screensaver and sleep settings is absurd. firstly, how about they make a better operating system that is more power efficient. they could start by removing the thousands of telemetry data point collections that occur every day someone uses a computer running their operating system. looking past that, it is egregious that microsoft, a technology company, has the audacity to blame its users for their carbon footprint. further, this is a company which, as per its latest report, has increased its carbon footprint every year since it pledged to be carbon neutral by 2030.

that's all. thank you.