projects : moth


moth is a minimal cli todo manager program. every time i use a todo app i end up getting distracted with making it look nice and messing with settings. i was looking on the suckless website at the "software that rocks" section, which included a POSIX bash script called bug that was just what i was looking for - super simple, kept it minimal, did the job, stayed out of my way. there were a few things that bugged me about it though, such as the way the bug projects were handled, so i decided to just make it easier by rewriting it myself. i wanted to follow bug's lead of a dependency-free program that stayed small, so i made it with no dependencies outside the standard library and it really wasn't an issue at all. i mimicked the way bug worked for storing the items in files, added a bunch of rust's signature Result<T, Err> spam with the associated handlers to prevent the program from panicking with an arcane message for the user, and that was that.

the source can be found here. the one issue that i've found with building it on some platforms is that depending on the version of rust you have cargo may or may not report that the
usage is unsafe. i fixed this issue on those platforms by just running
rustup update
and all was well.

since starting the project like 2 weeks ago, the site hosting bug has gone offline, it has been removed from's page and i've lost the script myself. in the event the site comes back up, this is the page where i found bug.

the name "moth" is just a nod to "bug".