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this site is just html + css, just as the web was intended to be. i had to bow to the dark side for like 2 lines of js for the view counter but i am going to pass that off as ok because it is vanilla js, in a script tag, just setting a div to a number, but i understand if you wish to shame me for it. my friend sckzor does his view counter by injecting the number into the html right before it gets sent to your browser, which is definitely one way to do it. my backend is different, i have an endpoint that returns the number of views which gets stored in a file and then increments it every time it gets requested. it only increments on views to the index page. my backend is written in a couple lines of rust, running on the rocket framework. it works and i haven't needed to touch it to change a thing since i wrote it like 6 months before the site even went live.

on the night before 2023 i pushed a visual overhaul, replacing the original pretty bare just black-and-white and left-aligned page i made pretty hastily because it had been like 9 months of me redrafting the design every couple weeks and not actually publishing a site. i just needed to get it up. now i can experiment! hope it looks ok. if it looks awful let me know at my email (on my about page somewhere i think) and i'll accelerate the eventual redesign.