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welcome to this site! you'll find a lot of random stuff here but hopefully something is interesting.

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  • 02-14-24 - fixed one or two little things that were kind of broken. expect a new project post coming soon for something i'm making for a friend.
  • 02-01-24 - site went down for a month because the server went down and i couldn't get to it to bring it back up. new project post here and book review on Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport here.
  • 12-10-23 - new post about stationary here. exams are upon me, no updates for at least 2 weeks
  • 12-05-23 - happy december! made about page pink, button hover effect on red pages. i'll make a proper update in a few weeks when midterms are over.
  • 10-31-23 - adjusted wording on some posts, made project pages yellow. updated editors post. still alive (for now).
  • 10-13-23 - updated music post.
  • 10-02-23 - happy october. added some pictures from the summer to media and fixed the styling so it still shows my old pictures.
  • 09-27-23 - fixed some styling, added music post.
  • 09-25-23 - changed behavior of viewcounter so search engine indexing should not increment it
  • 09-14-23 - fixed media page when you make it smaller
  • 09-13-23 - fully restyled the projects parent page and recolored the project pages themselves. i like red but it was too consistent.
  • 09-12-23 - i think i've purged all the javascript from the page, i emulated the behavior of the onionring javascript in my backend and inject it at request time. webring member lists are refreshed by a cronjob on my server. new projects page!
  • 09-09-23 - backend overhaul, please let me know if anything is broken.
  • 09-04-23 - updated some stuff, fixed some stuff, school is back so i'll update more often now.
  • 08-07-23 - restyled posts parent page and all posts. i have been trying to figure out where to put the color yellow on this page.
  • 08-04-23 - been a minute. updated the editors page and added reamde to books.
  • 06-12-23 - updated the pomodoro page, created an editors page so i can complain about bad text editors.
  • 06-04-23 - i wrote a whole post a while ago about editors and how nice it was to use plain vi again and then i installed astronvim and i cannot live with the hypocrisy of keeping that post up
  • 06-01-23 - general updates so some pages
  • 05-24-23 - added a parts list to the pomodoro post
  • 05-20-23 - posted a writeup of a pomodoro timer project
  • 05-17-23 - made a books page
  • 05-4-23 - there is a severe lack of thorough and understandable explanations of WPA3 on the internet it seems. i might write a post about it soon (not that it will show up in search results to help anyone else but its the thought that counts)
  • 04-27-23 - 7 months later i finally have an 88x31 button
  • 04-22-23 - dear god its been another month, working on a project right now, i'll write a post on it when i'm done
  • 03-10-23 - back after a month - new project page added. happy march
  • 02-2-23 - happy february - reworded some stuff on a few pages
  • 01-26-23 - updated my volumetric display page with 'developments'. one day i swear i'll finish the project. also changed some wording on the about page.
  • 01-18-23 - new post about editors, updated the interpreter post, super brief change to about page
  • 01-1-23 - new post about writing a language interpreter, reversed order of media, updated "this site" and the volumetric display project pages. happy new year!
  • 12-31-22 - im not dead, solid redesign in time for new years!
  • 11-28-22 - updated volumetric display page
  • 11-21-22 - added volumetric display project page
  • 11-12-22 - fixed tim (now rubbishbin)'s website link, updated my laptop's description in about, added some pictures
  • 10-26-22 - added a bunch of pictures to media. happy fall coming up!
  • 10-18-22 - published a new PR - SerenityOS. made a page for tracking contributions.
  • 10-07-22 - added a new post where i made a tcp file transfer program with c
  • 09-27-22 - added media page, check it out!
  • 09-26-22 - added status box and buttons!
  • 09-25-22 - updated links page, will start updating site more frequently now
  • 09-13-22 - site went up for the first time